We are the subsidiary of  ASRC-EUROPE  who is a buying company for a group company in Europe. Our group company has 25 manufacturing companies located in France plus 6 manufacturing companies in Spain, majoring in steel business for automotive, construction, household, mechanical industrials.

To be nominated as a buying house for the group company, ASRC-EUROPE has been focusing on worldwide procurement service, cost reduction and quality control. The main business is covered steel, automotive component and paper industrial.

By the growing of the paper business, ASRC-EUROPE has decided in 2010 to invest a subsidiary in China that is ASRC-CHINA, to be specializing in distributing and supplying disposable food packaging products and production raw materials to the Catering & Retail industry.

We offer a comprehensive product portfolio of effective advertising, custom-printed and preferably environmentally friendly packaging solutions to our customers who benefit from the aggregate volumes

The food packaging products include: cake boards, paper food bags, paper food boxes, plastic food bags, plastic food boxes, disposable tableware, etc;
The production raw materials includes: GC1/GC2 folding boxboard, MG kraft paper in gsm≥30g/m2, greaseproof paper, baking paper, etc.

All the products are food directly contact and certified by ISEGA,SGS or FDA.

Our product range is frequently expanding with the new products that existing customers or you, as potential new customer, could ask us to procure for you. Our continuous growing is to give our customers the most convenient and cost effective solutions which meet their individual demands.

Our Objective is to help you to buy good quality products at the most competitive price and also to reduce the number of interlocutors from our clients and their administrative tasks (orders, delivery notes, invoices...).